Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Analysis for Your Organisation

Opportunity Analysis is phase 2 out of 4 phases offered in K Low Consulting’s services.

There are many opportunities for organisations to grow by bidding on the right contract. But it may not always be clear which contracts will truly benefit your company long term. As the bidding process is time-consuming and complex, it is vital that you can identify the right opportunities and delegate the appropriate resources.

For companies looking to expand their bidding activities in a cost-efficient manner, performing an Opportunity Analysis is a key way to achieve this. Tapping into years of expertise and accurate business acumen, our Opportunity Analysis service will set you on a clear path to the right contract.

Our Opportunity Analysis Process

We will investigate your contract opportunities for the next one to three years working in line with your projected strategic goals and ambitions. In our in-depth discussions we help you to get a clear idea of how to evaluate the strategic and economic value of contracts for your organisation.

We take a detailed, analytic approach to analyse your likelihood of winning contracts. We further support this work through performing in-depth competitor analysis, reviewing your current resources as well as advise what resources may be needed.

Benefits of our Opportunity Analysis Service

Our Opportunity Analysis service will help your organisation is many ways, from gaining clarity on what which contracts are worthwhile, to giving you confidence in your organisation’s ability to fulfil these bids.

In our extensive experience, the best working outcomes for Opportunity Analysis occur when we are closely involved with your organisation in all bid matters. The next stage of the process: Tender Writing & Management (phase 3), offers an exceptional tender writing and management service, collaborating with you throughout to submit the best possible bid.