Tender Writing & Management

Tender Writing and Management Professional Service

We provide a clear timeline of the project which drives the entire process, ensuring an exceptional submission in time for your deadline. We have a strong focus on a collaborative process with our clients.  

We proactively engage with the identified key contributors to gather key information needed to create a winning bid.

The writing process is closely monitored at all stages to ensure that each question presents the correct information and is compellingly written to score the highest points possible. We have an open dialogue with clients, ensuring that no critical detail is missed.

Having taken advantage of our opportunity analysis, our clients have a contract bidding pipeline which means we can best prepare for the next phase – Tender Writing and Management (Phase 3).

Tender Writing and Management (Phase 3)

Unlike other consultancies and bid writing companies, we don’t like to waste your time or money; we will be transparent and honest with you throughout the process. As part of our tender writing and bid management service, a full tender review will take place to ensure we only invest time and money bidding for contracts we can win.

Our tender writing and management process has been built on 1000s of cycles of learning. It comprises over 50 key discrete tasks, but however can be summarised into the following stages:

‘Go, No-Go’ Decision – Stage 1

We will evaluate the compliance and eligibility, commercial feasibility and conduct a competitor analysis of your tender. This process will considerably increase your win rate, optimize your bid resource and evaluate if your contract growth is aligned to the strategic objective of your company.

Planning – Stage 2

Having an effective planning stage is the most important component of the process, your bid manager will collaboratively design a full Project Plan with you specific to the needs of your organisation and the task ahead. From there, we conduct thorough research; helping you understand the issues of the contract, making sure there is a coherent delivery model and design a specific contract strategy that will ultimately win more contracts.

Bid Production – Stage 3

We will write an engaging, compelling and effective bid for you, fit to the needs of the bid and required word-limits or specific requirements. There are many benefits to K Low Consulting’s bid production service: we put in the time, effort and quality-assurance that is required to get you a winning bid and ensure the process is designed around your needs to fully engage all key knowledge-holders

Sign-off and Submission – Stage 4

We support you through the submission process by discussing the process and its requirements. We ensure the sign-off process is bespoke to fully align to your internal quality assurance and governance protocols.

To ensure the very best quality, each tender response undergoes internal peer review. Uniquely where appropriate, we utilise specialist expert advisers to perform and additional panel review; for example, our team of qualified and knowledgeable clinical advisers.

Following handover, we are on hand to listen to and address any feedback or recommendations from your internal team. We work hand-in-hand with you to finalise and ensure a fully compliant upload and submission. Wherever possible, we highly recommend our support is always taken advantage of on the day of submission.

Post-submission – Stage 5

Post-submission can be a stressful and challenging time period. We are on hand to provide quick responsive support for any subsequent clarifications or questions that may be requested by the Commissioner. When only 24 or 48 hours is given to respond, this can be critical to avoid losing a bid due to delay.

Unfortunately, even we lose a bid from time to time, but we won’t give up without thorough analysis. We will provide review scoring, feedback, and give critical advice on the tender specification, evaluation, and highlight any grounds for appeal. Additionally, we can facilitate legal advice if required.

Once we have won the contract, let us help you to deliver against your Mobilisation or Implementation Plan. It is important to get the contract up and running, delivering KPIs and ensuring Business as usual is met.

For the next stage of the process, please read about our Implementation and Contract Management Support (Phase 4) service offered.