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Online Physio Expert

Restrictions brought in to control the Covid-19 virus have changed life as we know it. Not only has the pandemic dramatically impacted the way we live and work, but it has placed immeasurable strain on the NHS and medical services as frontline medical staff battle the greatest challenge they have faced in modern history.

New NHS England figures released this week show that in England in February 2021, around 4.7 million people were waiting for routine operations. These are the longest waiting lists since 2007.

Currently, almost 388,000 people have been waiting more than 12 months for non-urgent surgery. This figure was just 1,600 before the pandemic.

Many patients have held off seeking treatment for non-urgent medical complaints such as muscular injuries or unexplained aches and pains. Others have had routine treatment postponed or cancelled while the hospitals prioritise Coronavirus cases.

It is widely recognised that around 30 per cent of all GP appointments are musculoskeletal related problems. The demand for that treatment far outstrips the resource that is in place.
In some areas, the waiting lists for a community musculoskeletal service appointment can be more than 6 months.

Unfortunately, with some injuries and ailments, while you are waiting to be seen, the problem could be getting worse.

Self-manage your own care from home

We, at K Low Consulting, are working alongside a brand-new, free to use, self-help website Online Physio Expert, which helps injured individuals to get the care and support they need.

If it is difficult for you to get an appointment with a doctor, or if you feel concerned about the risk of visiting a hospital during the pandemic, this new service allows you to access helpful advice and exercises put together by medical professionals, from the comfort of your own home.

We do a lot of work with health and social care providers and we are conscious that because of the pressures that the NHS were under pre-Covid, let alone post-Covid, that the access to physiotherapy treatment is limited.

If you are unable to reach a medical service, which has been the case for many during the pandemic, then Online Physio Expert is the next best thing – and you can access it free, and without a doctor referral.

How Online Physio Expert works

The easily navigated homepage gives numerous options for visitors to choose from. You can identify where your pain points lie and then go through a series of movement videos and tests in order to work out how to proceed.

From there you will be directed to a whole video library of more than 1200 high-definition videos with exercises, from levels 1 to 4, to help you with your specific problem. The level you are given will depend on the severity and type of injury you have sustained.

A clinician will talk you through how it should be done, the common mistakes to look out for and where you should be feeling the stretch.

A patient is able to try different levels and amend their exercise plan dependent upon their ability and movement restrictions. People can use the tool to screen themselves and manage their own care. Online Physio Expert offers a free, appropriate and immediate access solution.

This fantastic tool has already brought great relief and improvement to numerous patients, who have each been able to create an online account through the Online Physio Expert portal and access a customised treatment programme, based upon your capabilities and current condition.

Why wait? Access free online physio today!

Musculoskeletal injuries are often quite acute injuries and the longer that it takes to access the appropriate physio treatment, the less likely that any intervention will do any good.

The range of movement and strength you get back after an injury often depends on how quickly you access physiotherapy treatment. It can be lifechanging in terms of mobility. For many, seeing someone six months later will have no impact.

We are advocates of getting the treatment you need without putting yourself at any unnecessary further risk and this new website allows patients to do that.

For more information or to try it for yourself, visit https://onlinephysioexpert.com


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