Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

K Low Consulting’s commitment to corporate social responsibility aligns with our values and approaches to our professional services. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we have been actively involved in helping good causes through our pro bono work, with an aim to give something back to society. We understand our clients, the importance of social value, and the duty to maximise return for public sector providers and their commissioners. We help our clients deliver that mission. 

To measure and focus our aims in this regard we aim to generate £5 of funding through pro-bono work for every £1 a client spends with us. By achieving this aim, our clients achieve a 500% Social Return on Investment by utilising our services.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we would be interested in talking to clients about supporting their good cause. Please get in touch today if you are interested in joining us. 

Free 2 Talk

As part of our unique set-up and commitment to raising money for good causes, we have worked alongside ‘Free2Talk’, a non-profit organisation which supports children, families, and communities with an overarching goal to break the cycle of poverty. Through their work, ‘Free2Talk’ has delivered Youth Work, Parenting Programmes and Psychotherapy and Counselling to support parenting and children both as individuals and as family units. Their community interest company has successfully raised £1M+ fundraising and resourcing for Northants children and supports an average of 340+ people a year.

As part of our ongoing work with the organisation, we set aside 2 days a month to help raise and deliver funding applications. We were instrumental in securing almost £800,000 for Trusted Relationships Home Office Pilot which aims to support some of the most vulnerable young people in Northampton to tackle issues like CSE and avoidance of gang related crimes.

“The tailored support and guidance that we have received from Krisja has been first-rate. The support and guidance given allowed us to feel confident we were approaching the funding application in the right way and led to a successful grant of more than £800,000 from the Home Office. We would happily recommend Krisja to any local authority, business or community organisation in need of support and guidance.”
Community Safety & Engagement Team, Northampton Borough Council.

Client Social Return on Investment

1 %