Business & Contract Strategy

Bid Strategy Support for Your Organisation

Business & Contract Strategy is phase 1 to the 4 phases of K Low Consulting’s services.

To create a winning submission for a lucrative contract you need a comprehensive bid strategy. Our many years of strategic experience ensures we can help guide you on the most effective strategy for your business.

We understand that your organisation is unique, so we offer a bespoke consultation service to form your business and contract strategy. This allows you to become clear on the approach, proposition, and message needed for your bid submission.

From the outset we adopt a collaborative approach to ensure total transparency, input and validation of our clients proposition on all projects. We achieve this by:

    • Conducting in depth desk based research which focuses on your competitors, the commissioner, the local and national agenda
    • Taking the time to understand your organisation’s; aims and objectives, delivery model, challenges and USPs

Benefits of Having a Clear Business and Contract Strategy

A well engineered contract and business strategy offers your organisation much more than just winning a bid. Our service provides a clear touchpoint for all involved in the bid process ensuring unification of the overall message and approach for the bid.

Over time we have become increasingly involved with not just the contract strategy, but the overall business strategy for many of our clients. Combining these two elements has helped our clients to increase their bid wins significantly and implement their services more effectively.

Writing a winning tender requires more than good writing skills. A great tender is backed by expert research and acute understanding of your organisation’s objectives and USPs.

Every bid we write is produced in alignment to best practice methodology developed from insight gained from overseeing hundreds of bids. This learning has provided intimate knowledge of the time and complexity of every task required to produce a winning submission from our bid team, and that of our clients’ internal teams and their wider governance stake-holders.

Following on to the next stage of the phase cycle, we can steer you in the right direction for opportunities. Refer to our second Phase: Opportunity Analysis to learn more about how we can help you investigate and identify opportunities for you, helping increase your chances of winning bid contracts.